Beast and the Bethany

The book is aimed at children from 9 to 13. Nonetheless it is also much fun to read as an adult. The only missing main character in the title of the book is Ebenezer Tweezer. He is the „owner“ of the beast and will turn 512 years in a week. He kept his eternal youth by drinking an elixir the Beast provides in exchange for something special to eat. After all those years the Beast finally wants to eat a human child. First Ebenezer is shocked but then he tries to find the most awful child there is and he finds….



of course he finds ….



Bethany is everyone’s worst nightmare. She is everything a child is not supposed to be, which makes her the perfect food for the beast. She’ll certainly taste yummy…. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading „The Beast and the Bethany“ and instantly fell in love with Bethany the first time she’s mentioned. She reminds me a lot about Pippi Langstrumpf as she also has a strong personality and isn’t easily scared. Isabelle Follath created gorgeous illustrations and really made Bethany and the other characters come to life.  

The book in total is British down to the bone. If I ever have  enough time to show my pupils what exactly British humor is, I’ll read „The Beast and the Bethany“ with them. But it’s not only full of British humor, there are also many other examples of Britishness to be found in it.

It’s a great book about friendship and its different aspects. Also it critically reflects on modern society with its need for eternal youth, like a mix between Pippi Langstrumpf and the Picture of Dorian Grey. 

All in all I can recommend reading this book and I hope that it’ll also be published in German soon so my boys can read it too. 

I reviewed the ebook copy I kindly received by Netgally. The book will be published in October 2020 by Egmond.