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„Fireborn“ by Aisling Fowler

Thanks to TheWriteReads and Harper Collins I bring you the review of another fantastic middle grade novel. And what an exciting read it has been… Book information:  Author: Aisling Fowler Date of publication: 30th September 2021 Genre:  Middle Grade Pages: 384 pages Publisher: Harper Collins ISBN:978-0008394288 Book Blurb: Lyra. Lucy. Percy. Once in a generation, a hero emerges …

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The Sadown of the Gods

„The Shadow of the Gods“ by John Gwynne

Book information:  Author: John Gwynn Date of publication: 6th May 2021 Genre:  Epic Fantasy Pages: 496 Publisher: Orbit ISBN:978-0356514185 Book Blurb: Set in a brand-new, Norse-inspired world, and packed with myth, magic and bloody vengeance, The Shadow of the Gods begins an epic new fantasy saga from bestselling author John Gwynne. After the gods warred and drove themselves …

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„Das kleine Café der Bücherträume“von Lea Hofmeister, gelesen von Anke Stoppa

Vielen Dank an NetGalleyDE und Harperaudio, die es mir ermöglicht haben, dass Hörbuch zu hören.  Buch Info:  Autorin: Lea Hofmeister Publikationsdatum: 20 Juli 2021 Genre: Belletristik/Liebesroman Länge:  7 Stunden   Verlag: HarperAudio Buchbeschreibung: Frederike will sich mit ihrem kleinen Café am Waldesrand einen Traum erfüllen. Nicht nur Wanderer, sondern auch die Leute aus dem Dorf sollen kommen, …

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One Night Only

„One Night Only“by Catherine Walsh narrated by Jessica Regan

Thanks to NetGalley.com and bookouture audio for giving me the chance to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review. Book information:  Author: Cathrine Walsh Narrator: Jessica Regan  Date of publication: 30th July Genre:  romantic comedy Time : 9 hours 17 minutes Publisher: Bookouture ISBN:978-1786184696 Book Blurb: Who could have predicted this? Being at …

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„Belial“von Julia Dippel

Vielen Dank an NetGalley.de, die es mir ermöglicht haben, dass Hörbuch zu hören.  Buch Info:  Autorin: Julia Dippel Publikationsdatum: 21 Mai 2021 Genre:  Fantasy/Young Adult Länge: 11 Stunden 19min  Verlag: Silberfisch Buchbeschreibung: Die junge Tempeldienerin Cassia weiß genau, wer hinter dem Tod ihrer Freundinnen steckt, aber der skrupellose Dämon Ianus wird in ganz Rom als Gott verehrt …

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7 deaths of an Empire

„Seven Deaths of an Empire“ by G.R.Matthews

Thanks to NetGalley and Rebellion/Solaris I am able to bring you the review of a fantastic epic fantasy novel.  Book information:  Author: G.R.Matthews Date of publication: 22nd June Genre:  Epic Fantasy Pages: 550 Publisher: Solaris ISBN:978-1786184696 Book Blurb: The Emperor is dead. Long live the Empire. General Bordan has a lifetime of duty and sacrifice behind him in …

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