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The Unadjusteds
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„The Unadjusteds“ by Marisa Noelle

Today it is my turn in TheWriteReads blog tour of The Unadjusteds by Marisa Noelle to publish my review. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this awesome tour.  Book information:  Author: Marisa Noelle Publisher: Write Plan Date of publication: 1st November 2019 Genre: Dystopian Young Adult Pages: 414 ISBN-13 978-1948115032 Synopsis: GENETIC MODIFICATION HAS CHANGED THE WORLD WANT WINGS? …

The Tower of Fools
Allgemein Audiobooks Books Fantasy

„The Tower of Fools“ by Andzej Sapkowski

Book info:  published by Gollancz (27.10.2020) 560 pages  ISBN-13-978-1473226128 I kindly received the book by Netgalley and Gollancz in exchange for an honest review.  Synopsis: Reinmar of Bielawa, sometimes known as Reynevan, is a doctor, a magician and, according to some, a charlatan. Discovered in bed with the wife of a high-born knight, he must …

Mike Shackle
Allgemein Books Fantasy

Interview with Mike Shackle

I have been following Mike Shackle, author of The Last War series, for a while now already on twitter and I was lucky enough to got sent some self-painted postcards and a signed book plate by him. As Mike has always been so friendly, I took up all my courage and asked if I could …


„A Fool’s Hope“ by Mike Shackle

A Fool’s Hope is the second instalment in the The Last War series by Mike Shakle. Many People say that the second book is often the weakest and the hardest to write book in a trilogy. I completely disagree with that statement. Some of my most favorite books of trilogies are the second tomes. My two most favorite …