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Fantasy Series The Last War

„A Fool’s Hope“ by Mike Shackle

A Fool’s Hope is the second instalment in the The Last War series by Mike Shakle. Many People say that the second book is often the weakest and the hardest to write book in a trilogy. I completely disagree with that statement. Some of my most favorite books of trilogies are the second tomes. My two most favorite …

The Kingdom of Liars
Audiobooks Fantasy

„The Kingdom of Liars“ by Nick Martell

Oh what an ending!!! But let’s start at the beginning.  The Kingdom of Liars is told by a first person narrator, who is also the main character of the book: Michael Kingman. He is the middle child of the three children of the Kingman family: Lyon, Micheal and Gwen. Their father was executed for having killed …

Fantasy Young Adult

Marcus Lee „Kings and Daemons“

Kings and Daemons is the first book in The Gifted and the Cursed trilogy. The book is told by an omniscient narrator who focusses on the different characters. The whole story circles around Maya and evolves with her journey to the Freestates, running away from the Witch King, Daleth. The witch King drains the land and …