This book was recommended to me by a colleague. Up until that moment I had never heard of Trevor Noah. He recommended it as it is published by a German published for school books with annotations in it. I had already made up my mind to read The Hate You Give with my year ten. Nonetheless, I wanted to read this book. As time is very limited I got it on audible. A bonus of the audiobook is that Trevor Noah himself reads his book. 

In this book Trevor Noah tells us the story of his childhood and youth in South Arica. Born to a black Xhosa mother and a white Swiss father he was always not part of the norm. In his autobiography he tells the reader about the different problems there are with apartheid and racism, abuse, poverty and many more negative things. Despite all those depressing and very serious topics he manages to never let the reader get really depressed but keeps his tone lighthearted. 

So while reading this book you learn really much about all its topics without realizing it. I seriously immensely enjoyed listing to Trevor Noah telling me the story of his life. Although I already knew a lot about South Africa and its history he managed to teach me even more about it without showing all of its brutality in a cruel way. This really makes this book very suitable for young readers and very sensitive people as it shows how things really were and are without making them suffer too much. 

So now it is up to my pupils which book they will chose to read this year.