This is the first time ever I was tagged in a q and a. And lucky me! I got nominated in the Sunshine Blogger Award by Alex from :

Thank you very much Alex. 

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🌻What historical period would you like to see a novel set in? 

I think most fantasy novels I like are set in a kind of medieval or shortly after period. Whereas I also really enjoy to read Victorian novels. So maybe a mix between those two would be awesome. So not industialisation yet but not the darkest Middle Ages anymore. 

🌻 Could a fiction book ever make you cry, or be genuinely frightened, which was the last one that did, if so? 

Oh yeah, they can and some never fail to do. To be honest it is very easy to make me cry, so I can not name the last one that did as it happens quite frequently. And also some books really get me scared. I remember when I was around 16 I loved reading Stephen King novels. I needed to sleep with the lights on after reading Pet Cemetery for two long weeks. I am not that easily frightened anymore but still somehow avoid such books. 

🌻 Describe what your perfect reading getaway would be. 

A nice place where the kids can roam outside and I get a quiet place somewhere nice and cosy to read. Or a wellness hotel all alone (without my family) 

🌻 When you tell yourself you should be reading but don’t, what tends to steal your reading time?

Twitter, Instagram, Netflix and Amazon

🌻 What is your favorite thing about the reading/blogging community?

I often see tweets in which people complain about all those haters they encounter on twitter. I really appreciate about the book community that there are so many friendly people who respect each other and each other’s opinions.

🌻 What is your least favorite thing about the reading/blogging community? 

That they all seem to be soooo perfect. Everyone has a pretty blog and reads and reviews so much more than I do. Oh and they all have such gorgeous books, which makes me buy all those books. 😊 

🌻 Name a book that need to be made into a TV show or movie. 

Honestly I would really fancy the Eragon series to be remade  as a Netflix series. The film was an absolute catastrophe. 

🌻 How often do you make use of the block or mute buttons?

By far not often enough 😉 

🌻 What is your go-to drink when reading? 

Why tea of course!!!😏

🌻 If you had the option to magically know everything that happens in some of your unread books, would you take advantage? 

Not really, no. I prefer to read the last page if I can not stand the tension. 

🌻 How well do you care for your books; are you a Liberian or a chaos reader. 

I would love to be a Liberian reader but I am more of a chaos reader. I have dropped more than one book into the bathtub and I often lose the dust jacket of may hard cover books as I tend to take them off while reading and then can not remember where I put them. I just recently found the dust jacket of The Wise Man’s Fear at my parents house whereas the book is in the shelf at home. 

Here are my questions now: 

  1. Name the book(s) you have read most often and give a short explanation why. 
  2. So far what was your favorite read this year? 
  3. Does the type of books you read change with the seasons? 
  4. Why did you start writing and talking about books?
  5. Which is your preferred medium to talk/write/show (pictures) about books? 
  6. Have you loved reading from an early age? 
  7. Did your preferred genre change over the years? 
  8. Do you collect other bookish items? 
  9. What is your favorite film adaptation of a book/series? 
  10. Is there an author you would blindly buy all books of? 
  11. How do you find time to read?