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The Puritan Princess
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„The Puritan Princess“ by Miranda Malins

Synopsis: 1657. The youngest daughter of Oliver Cromwell, eighteen-year-old Frances is finding her place at England’s new centre of power. Following the turmoil of Civil War, a fragile sense of stability has returned to the country. Her father has risen to the unprecedented position of Lord Protector of the Commonwealth, and Frances has found herself transported …

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

This is the first time ever I was tagged in a q and a. And lucky me! I got nominated in the Sunshine Blogger Award by Alex from : Thank you very much Alex.  How does it work? · Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog. …

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„Born A Crime“ by Trevor Noah

This book was recommended to me by a colleague. Up until that moment I had never heard of Trevor Noah. He recommended it as it is published by a German published for school books with annotations in it. I had already made up my mind to read The Hate You Give with my year ten. Nonetheless, I …

Map- Morning Star -Pierce Brown

The conundrum of the map

At the moment I am on holidays at my parent’s place and do not have all my books with me but of the thirty-two fantasy novels that are here all save for three have a map at the beginning. Some, like “Nevernight” by Jay Christoff, even have more maps, one or two at the beginning …